One of the most common conditions seen in our clinic is Bunions / Hallux abducto valgus (HAV)


As is the case with most health conditions, there are several contributing factors that lead to the formation of Bunions. Research has shown the main causative factors to be; Hereditary factors, Biomechanics factors, and narrow fitting shoes.

Conservative treatment consists of wearing an orthotic device with the aim of reducing symptoms and curbing further joint degeneration.

Surgical intervention is the most efficient path to resolving Bunions. Our expertise can assist patients in making an informed decision as to whether surgery is a viable option.

Due to a deformity forming as a result of Bunions, callous usually occurs. A quick and painless debridement will help to reduce this.


If bunions are a concern or, if you require callous to be reduced, call the clinic on 9791 7664 to arrange an appointment with the Podiatrist.