Patients who have diabetes must have a strong commitment to looking after their feet


Diabetes causes complex changes to occur in the body and in turn the lower limb and feet also get affected.

A combination of reduced circulation in the feet, as well as a reduction in nerve sensation put Diabetic patients at an increased risk of foot or leg amputations. Diabetes accounts for over 1000 deaths a year, over 4300 amputations, over 203, 600 hospital bed days with a total cost of over $612 million dollars annually.

Diabetic patients are encouraged to have annual diabetic foot assessments and depending on the severity of an individual’s diabetes, regular visits to the Podiatrist to manage their foot health.


If you are Diabetic patient please call the clinic on 97917664 to schedule a time for the Podiatrist to conduct a diabetic foot examination, or for regular maintenance of the feet.