Another common condition seen in our clinic rooms are fungal toenails / Onychomycosis


Fungus can occur in both the skin and nails in the body. Fungus is easily precipitated in dark, damp and humid environments, conducive to that seen inside of shoes.

Some patients feel discomfort with fungal toenails, however most patients are sensitive to the negative cosmetic presentation of this condition. This is usually characterised by yellow/brown coloured, thickened nails that are crumbly in nature.

Our clinic has helped many patients with the diagnosis and treatment of fungal toenails. Left untreated fungal toenails can also extend into the finger nails.


If fungal toenails are a concern or you would like the Podiatrist to advise you on the appropriate line of treatment for any nail problem, feel free to call the clinic on 9791 7664 to arrange an appointment.